We're full-time travelers; just on a mission to experience the diversity of the human experience. 


Are there incredible, little-known things that you want people to know about where you're from? We want to live a day in your shoes, and share the story of your city, country, brand, or cause.  Contact us to schedule a visit & work together.

  • Cultural Experiences
  • Charity Organizations
  • Hospitality Brands
  • Visual Artists
  • Fashion Designers
  • Adventure Guides

We’re Andrew and Adrienne; a not so young, married couple, traveling abroad full time, experiencing the diversity of the human experience.  In our ~30ish~ years, one important thing we’ve learned is that our experience of the world and the views and opinions that come with it are small (and often misguided), and we want to get some more perspective.

So in July 2014 we put on our party hats, bought some one-way flights and started hopping onboard with some locals to live a day (or 30) in their shoes, redefining our ‘normal’ by going out and experiencing what everyone else’s is like.

We’ve since drank fresh blood from a live cow in Kenya, lived in a slum in New Delhi for a month, eaten crickets for a midnight snack in Myanmar, prayed to Pachamama in the Andes, and partied until the sun came up on almost every continent.

We *almost never say no.  And we’ll try anything, twice. So comment to us on Instagram, or send us an email invitation and we will be right over to live it up, learn a lot and share your story.

W H O         W H A T         W H E R E         W E A R         W O R D S         W O R K S