His & Hers: And We're OFF!

We're in the airport, waiting for our first flight out of the US and reminiscing of the last few months. We've had such an incredible summer filled with karaoke, chicken harvesting, mega fire works, bon fires, dress-up, lollipops, shotgunning beers, weddings, farming, beaches, boats, and countless giggles. A special thank you to our incredible families and friends for hosting us on the American leg of our homeless adventure. There's nothing we can do or say to show them how grateful we are for their hospitality, but we'll start with this post! We've stayed with our immediate families, cousins, aunts and uncles, and many friends in New York, Michigan, Ontario & Florida. We know it isn't easy, putting us up, but we really hope that we left you with more smiles than dirty dishes and empty liquor cabinets. Someone said hosting us was like hosting a frat! Its been a blast reuniting with all of you and we hope to return the favor some day.