Hers: Fear the Beard (a day late)

The McDermott's have arrived! I know you're all shocked that we made it without Andrew getting locked up abroad with the way he looks right now. Somehow...with Andrew's ridiculous, huge, sketchy, beard, we made it here.  Yesterday's flights from the US of A couldn't have gone better. We weaseled our way out of a 5 hour layover (good job Andrew and your beautifully broken Español) and we got rows to ourselves for all three flights. We basically slept for as long as the giggling babies surrounding us allowed... I had no idea happy babies could be so irritating. 

The unbelievable icing on the cake was that Andrew's long facial bristles did not even get a second look, much less motivate airport security to flag us for extra "pat downs" or Andrew's favorite - the anal cavity search! Friends and family (especially you, Grandpa!), join me in putting my tail between my legs and apologize to Andrew for making him feel like he looks like a terrorist.

***I hope you like this shot of Sleeping Beauty displaying his manicure. Photo blurry due to me laughing at myself while taking it- both happen frequently, me laughing at my incredible sense of humor and taking pictures of him sleeping. He's the cutest sleeper ever.