Hers: Gonna Get Locked Up in Rio!

Friends, family, family-friends and family of my friends, there is a good chance I will be arrested during my stay in Rio for I have found where the monkeys live. I will put all of my time and energy into catching and keeping a monkey (preferably a mother monkey with a baby on her back, because that's obviously the cutest thing ever). I'm quite certain there are laws against this, but that won't stop me. If I'm caught I will most likely not be able to out-run the police (see my last blog post) OR sweet talk them out of taking me to the slammer (my Portuguese consists of only hand gestures), but do not be alarmed because I will do my time, get out and continue my pursuit of happiness by completing my family with one or nine monkey kids.

Above are some photos from Rio's Botanical Gardens (El Jardin Botanico De Rio De Janiero). It was INCREDIBLY magical and I would very much appreciate it if someone could find a way for me (Andrew too, I suppose) to live there forever while I work on catching my future kiddos. Obriegado! I'm pretty sure that means "thank you" in Portuguese. I have no clue how to spell it and yes, I'm patting myself on the back for remembering that one.