Nor will I ever be.  I lack the patience and discipline to hone any of the main crafts; music, art and food.  I mean, we try though - we made this blog by ourselves and we even brought along harmonicas on our trip to learn how to play....well I guess I haven't blown that thing a single time so far...so you see my point.  That said, time and again, the number one thing that Adrienne and I seek out (well, after a great party) is street art.  Graffiti, Stencil Art, Spray Art, Urban Art, Sculptures, and Wallporn - we love it all and just can’t get enough.  If you follow us on Instagram (@andrewRmcdermott and @admcdermott) you’ll see that we share a lot of it.  I don’t know anything at all about the graphic arts and candidly, I couldn’t intelligently tell you why I love it so much, but I find the real beauty in a city in how criminally colourful its walls are (yes, the Queen’s colour).  And I envy friends of mine (like @TheMostFamousArtist - see Instagram) for dedicating so much of their time to learning about it.

So between walking from the Rio Botanical Gardens to the Parque Lage (both amazing, and you must go there if you visit Rio - see Adrienne’s post) there is a busy road, and along the main road is an 8’-12' foot wall.  This was COVEREDDD for about a mile and a half of #ArtSoHard.  We inched our way along the wall taking a million pictures, almost getting hit by bike riders every 2 minutes as they sped by on the incredibly narrow sidewalk.  We will be going back (so that Adrienne can steal monkeys), and I’m probably going to get hit by a bus trying to snap the perfect shot. #worthit

**Also - yesterday we lost our “asking strangers if we can take pictures of them” virginity.  It’s so liberating.  Do it immediately.  If you see something you like, just ask them if you can take a picture.  It flatters and complements them, rightfully.  We got quite a few unsolicited poses from both old men and old women.  Ok, do your thing stranger….[smizing, booty tooch, etc.].  One ~65 year old woman had on a Tshirt that said “You’re Not On My Flirt List” the cutest freaking over-tanned woman in the world, and of course she didn’t speak a lick of English and had no idea what her shirt said.  Thanks Rio!