His: BA, Argentina, Deeper Thoughts?

So we're 2 weeks into Buenos Aires, Argentina and yet again, we're slackin' on our mackin'.  We've been lazy about posting, but we're having a great time here, found some really amazing speakeasies with great food and cocktails and we even managed to make 4 friends last night alone!  Real friends, not internet friends :) We're definitely in a groove here and feel at home, but we've somehow only made it out to see 1 tourist attraction, the Recoleta Cemetery (thoughts here) so we have much to catch you up on and will share the best of what Buenos Aires has to offer shortly!!

One really cool thing about our time in Buenos Aires is that we had an 8 hour layover / crash by friends from home!  Ryan and Chetta Aires, an amazing couple that we're friends with who live in D.C.  Chetta's like 7 months pregnant and somehow Ryan convinced her to go climb some enormous mountains in remote, southern Argentina...which is basically Alaska.  You guys are nuts.  I'm so inspired and impressed, but more than that, I'm so thrilled that you two made it out of your way to come visit us for a few hours.  You see people, Ryan and Chetta were the first real grown-up couple (more or less my age) that I spent time with in my adulthood and they hold a special place in my heart.  Why just be a couple when you can always have a 3rd wheel, right???  Cheers to you both!

So honestly, I started this post - and actually already completely wrote a separate post (that I'm not planning to publish) to talk about some of the self-actualization and personal growth/change that's happened on this trip so far.  I think that I've already learned a lot more about myself and it's really cool.  Also, Adrienne and I have had more conversations on politics, social issues, personal fulfillment, motivation, philosophy, religion, passions, and desires in the last 8 weeks with each other than either of us have had in our lives with anyone, combined.  We can't figure out if we're just becoming actual adults finally or if it's the result of not really being able to communicate with anyone else but each other (just kidding, we're obviously not real adults yet, must be the other thing).  The long and short of it is that there's been just as much going on inside my head in the last 2 weeks as there has outside of it and I'm looking forward to sharing.

One last quick update!! - On Dec 23rd, we're going to Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and some beach towns like Punta del Este!  Further more, we're officially going to South Africa on January 20th!  I can't wait to say "T.I.A." and it to actually apply.  Sorry, I love Leonardo DiCaprio - watch he's a genius. And these ACCENTSSS!!  A small part of me wants this to be our life in Africa.  I think Adrienne and I would be nails in the diamond smuggling trade.  Plus I've been reading Shantaram for the last, I dont know, 6 months (it's sooo longgg) and Linbaba has taught me so much about being a criminal.  But back to Leo.  He lives in the end right?  I could never keep my eyes open to see how it ends! <3 LDiC & AMcD 4EvR <3

Oh, and also thanks in advance to Dan Madden, Kevin Christner, Roy Klabin, and Morgane Tachon.  In addition to Ryan and Chetta, you all are the golden 6!!!!  Our 6 first friends to come visit us (all coming to Buenos Aires) on this life changing adventure.  Now for the rest of you muggles.  You have some splainin' to do!! (Who wants to come see us in Africa????)