His: After one amazing year, we left NYC...

Today was a really sad day, but it was also the day that we took the reigns, broke the mold, and are pursuing our own personal and professional passions, 100%.  

We have moved out of NYC and will be traveling abroad full time starting this fall! Adrienne and I have both had lifelong dreams of traveling around the world, and after years of talking about it, we decided to be about it. We absolutely killed it in NYC, and will miss our friends there like crazy (we will probably move back )...we already miss all of you and we've been gone for a week!

Sometimes in life you just have to stir things up, so we're chasing a dream and hope that some of you come visit us on the road. We will of course be memorializing the trip somehow...tbd (website, video blog, Anthony Bourdain - meets - Jayz&Beyonce - meets - Man Vs. Wild - meets - Party On with Brooke Burke - meets - The Real World [pre 2007] - meets - VICE) and we will shoot that out to everyone once we're set up .

We are not planning the entire trip upfront, instead we have a loose direction on where geographically we want to be, and when (read: no winter), but we are letting the wind and stars be our guide. If we hate Punta del Este, we leave, if Barcelona is awesome, maybe we will live there for 3 months, if you have a beautiful guest house in the south of France, sure, I guess we will meet you there. [Stay tuned for some sort of public calendar / plan so you give us tips and come visit us!]

No life update is complete without something about work I guess...hit me up for the full run down, but through our travels I'm advising some consumer companies on their marketing, consulting a few marketing tech firms on their product and growth, and finally getting heads down on 4 of my own projects.

Here is a picture from our last hour in NYC on the Truffles roof deck where we spent sooooo much time with soooo many of you. We were sad then, and still are. We love you NYC, this ain't goodbye, it's 'see you later.'

Open wide, World - we're coming in hot!!!!


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