Hers: Montevideo and People Bashing: Deal With It

I'm sure you social media obsessed, over sharers posted your New Years Resolutions on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and www.christianmingle.com or saw many of your peers make posts about their plan to eat healthier, work out, read more books or whatever other bullshit way you/they want to "better" yourselves in 2015. I love these posts. They make me giggle every time mostly because this happens: not even 24 hours after "Nicole" posted that she was going to go gluten-free, carb-free, air-free and work out twice a day- everyday, and keep up her boring-as-hell-with-no-fun lifestyle,  I saw that her friend "Paris" posted a photo of "Nicole" with a piece of pizza in one hand and her remote control in the other. I love laughing at other peoples small, shallow failures and I'm not ashamed of it. This may or many not come as a surprise to you, but I've never made a New Years resolution that I didn't break (my friends and family are smirking right now). It's not that I set my goals outrageously high- its because I simply don't like goals and I'm totally ok with failure. It has become quite embarrassing that I can't stick to even the simple resolutions like, wash my hands after I use the restroom or stop sticking my tongue out at strangers children and then glare at them when they do it back to me ( so fun, try it).... So, I deemed New Years resolutions for wussies a few years back to mask my personal dilemma of having no self-control. Instead, I usually go out less in the new year and that's enough of a change to make me feel good about myself. With all of the holiday parties the month of December is the adult version of Welcome Week in college, so I think January is more of a recovery month because I'm simply too exhausted and bloated from holiday face stuffing to get off the couch. Who knows, but I seriously feel healthier and less like I'm bouncing back and forth between a buzz and a hangover. (Pats self on back)

Montevideo, Uruguay. We didn't have high expectations, so we weren't disappointed to learn there isn't much to do there. We relaxed at the beach, oogled at bare butts, roamed around the different neighborhoods, admired the vine covered architecture, played games and gave our technology a bit of a break. We graduated from pointing and hand gestures to speaking in full coherent sentences in Spanish. The food was consistently mediocre, which will forever be a funny memory for us. We did learn a lot from this leg; Andrew is learning that not all bugs are poisonous murderers and he realized that drying off with a hand towel after the shower is not worth crying about. We both learned to guard your food like a motha effin' hawk, or a crazy asshole will come out of nowhere and steal it off your plate, stuff it in his mouth and spray it all over you as he screams in your face. 

We left South America 5 days ago I've already had exactly 7 hangovers. Hopefully Andrew will find the time to write about our memorable  36 hours worth of flights here because I sure as shit do not remember.