Q: Is there anything growing in Andrew's filthy beard?

A: Yeah, and it's glorious. 

Q: What's it like traveling the world with your partner and bff?

A: Meh, it ok.. Just kiddingggg. We’ve had a great rhythm of coexisting since the very beginning, but on the road, when we have nobody to answer to but ourselves, we thrive. Thankfully we’re pretty obsessed with each other and neither of us really crave alone time, because we very infrequently get it. We rarely butt-heads and when we do, we usually behave like jerks for 5 minutes and then kiss and make-up. It’s pretty damn seamless. 

Q: What are your favorite places you've been?

A: This question is the worst as we like so many places for different reasons, but if we had to pick three, it would be Zanzibar, Tanzania, all of South Africa, and Rajasthan, India.

Q: What's your least favorite place you've been?

A: There's only one place we didn't like and that was ALL of Uruguay. Sorry if that's offensive, and maybe we were just unlucky, but in our opinion, that country has zero interesting things about it.

Q: What's the most difficult part of traveling?

A: Making sure we're respecting our surroundings i.e., people, religion, culture, etc. Staying safe and comfortable. And for Adrienne, booking hotels and flights for the correct dates and places. 

Q: Did you save a lot of money before leaving the states?

A: That's none-ya-biz-nass, but the answer is no. We work as we travel and that pays the bills. 

Q: What's something you learned about home since being away?

A: We learned that American's are the most whinny and arrogant people on the planet and most of the world agrees.

Q: Where's all your stuff?

A: We got rid of most of it, but there's about 700 boxes of Adrienne's clothes and shoes in her parents basement. Thanks again Mom & Dad! :)

Q: What has surprised you the most about being out of your comfort zone full-time?

A: We're so much more comfortable NOT having a home or permanent residence than we ever were when we had one. Also, it's awesome that we haven't even come close to killing each other yet. There was some concern at the beginning that we wouldn't enjoy this lifestyle as a duo, but we were sorely mistaken.

Q: Don't you miss the conveniences of the USA?

A: We miss tap water, our favorite hot sauces, and a good martini and that's about it.  

Q: What do you complain most about?

A: Andrew whines about bad water pressure in showers and Adrienne whines about his whining. 

Q: What's next after travel?

A: Your guess is as good as ours! We're focusing on living in the moment at the moment, and learning about our core passions and interests. 

Let us know what else you want to know, you nosey little shits!! ;)