Where to Stay and How to Stay Connected While You Travel the World and Work Full-time

Links to locations where the internet is strong, links to great accommodations there & info about which mobile operators' SIM cards you should get.

We work full time while traveling; Andrew on our Ad Agency, Adrienne on our clothing line (www.TheRobeLives.com), and of course, together on our philanthropic projects, photography, and promotional work in the travel industry. Between learning about medicinal plans, listening to live tribal music, working with regional fashion designers, going on safari, sky diving, and exploring new cities, our lives are extremely demanding professionally, and we need to be plugged in and connected from at least 9-5 (NYC Hours) every day. We've put this list together of where we've stayed in each location and how we stayed connected, that can serve as a resource for other working travelers out there. Digital nomads or whatever you want to call yourself.

The first thing we do when we step off of a plane in a new country is hit the nearest ATM (they have the best exchange rates) and buy a local SIM card, loaded up with data, preferably at the airport. You cannot rely on wifi in most countries, because availability is limited and often times, the speed is poor; specifically if it's a shared connection. If you're going to work full time and travel like we do, you absolutely must get a local SIM in every country for your hotspot enabled phone (iPhone 6, 7, for example). If we are heading to a new city and we're uncertain about connectivity, we will check out Open Signal, which is great, but doesn't give you insight into how connection will be at specific accommodations, so we created this list.

You need to know where to stay and exactly how to stay connected, otherwise you could be risking major headaches in your business and with your clients. There are some cautionary tales below here, so beware of where you book!

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